What sets us apart from the rest:


1) Focused attention to one Media Streamer during the product lifecycle
2) Small volume ordering so we stay ahead of the curve
3) Box programmed as a true cable replacement
4) New box warranty replacement
5) Professionally programmed device guarantees all Apps to work
6) Now offering more Live TV than any competitor
7) Remote tech support
8) Established business at the beginning of 2012 with experience since 2010
9) One Year Manufacturer Warranty
10) New Media Streamer upgrade/trade-in program



1) Is your box going to get zapped? No. This is not cable. Media streamers don’t get zapped and work over your existing internet connection.


2) Is this illegal? No. There are no laws against streaming content over the internet. Streaming is considered temporary viewing. Your MyBox Media Streamer does not download content because this is considered illegal.


3) Can I use my MyBox Media Streamer anywhere in the world? Yes. As long as you have an internet connection available you can use your Media Streamer anywhere you choose.


4) Can I use this device for more than one television? No. Each TV needs its own unit. We do offer multiple box discount.


5) Can I use this device with WIFI? Yes, absolutely.


6) Can I watch my favorite channels LIVE? The answer is YES! 


7) Can I watch in HD? Yes. Your MyBox streams in 1080p/4K


8) There are so many types of these devices out there, why should I choose yours? Our box is OEM, not a clone. We work directly with the manufacturer to ensure we’re selling a quality product. The other reason we believe our streamer is superior is because we program it as a true cable replacement. We program the streamer so it’s easy to use. We can’t say the same for the competition because we have come across many poorly programmed devices. What is most apparent is competitors selling pre-loaded devices with many missing addons. Devices loaded using a wizard with no true programming required. If you’re looking for the cheapest and for amateur programming so your Media Streamer is a temporary investment, then purchase yours from the competition. The MyBox team takes pride in our product and we stand behind our programming expertise.


9) Does it come with a remote and HDMI cable? Yes


10) What about my Hulu, Vudu and Netflix subscriptions? Can I use these on the box? Absolutely. You can download any other programs (apps) available in the google play store. 


11) Will The MyBox team professionally program my own Android TV streamer? Yes

12) Are there monthly fees attached to this product? No


13) Do you program Apple TV to include Kodi and all it has to offer? Yes. We program Apple TV 4th Gen only.


14) Do you program Apple TV with an official license? Yes. Unlike others, we’re an officially licensed Apple TV developer provider.


15) Is your Apple TV programming a jail break? No. Our Apple TV programming is an install of Kodi using our official developer license so your Apple tvOS can continue to be updated without interruption.


16) Will my Kodi at some point disappear or stop working on my Apple TV? No


Note: All sales are final. Exchanges are accepted within 7 days of purchase. Programming one of your own devices is not considered a refundable service. For any case where a return may be accepted, there will be a 40% restocking fee due to the expense of our expedited shipping service.